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Why Coworking Works for Parents

School’s back and as parents sigh with relief, thoughts turn to work and how to maximise those precious hours between 9am and 3pm. 

I worked from home for many years before giving coworking a go. I was disciplined. I avoided Netflix and procrasti-laundry. I had a home office and started work at 9am (-ish) once kids had departed for the day. I was efficient and productive - or so I thought.

Then I started coworking and everything changed. I re-discovered the joy of ‘going to work.’ I could mentally ‘clock on’ when I arrived and more importantly ‘clock off’ when I left, freeing my mind to focus on family and household responsibilities at home. 

I relish my walk to work, music playing and a welcome good morning chat with the barista as I grab a coffee on my way to the office. I love the quiet focus of my fellow co-workers. We sit side-by-side, united in our goal to nail every task on the list but still happy for a natter when we wander to the kitchen for lunch or a break.

I love that everything is at my fingertips in our coworking space. No dash to Officeworks when the printer ink runs out just before that proposal is due. No fighting with routers because the wifi has fallen over again. We have a kitchen I don’t have to clean and a lounge where I can read without having to first remove toys, dirty dishes and abandoned socks.

The best thing about coworking? I get to feel like a grown up again, but don’t take my word for it. Here’s what other coworking parents have to say:

As a parent the best thing has been meeting other parents, getting the low down on different schools, sporting clubs and local events - especially as a relative newcomer to Ballarat. It's been a great way to meet other working parents - Natasha.

Coworking allows me to be 100% focused on my tasks and and productivity.  At home I am distracted by what needs to be done: walk the dog, do another load of washing, having a tidy kitchen and planning dinner. When I’m coworking all of that fades away and I concentrate on my business - Nicole.

Coworking provides a haven to work with few distractions and everything you need to storm through projects. Coworking also provides colleagues with a great range of ideas and approaches, so a quick conversation while grabbing a cup of tea can give you a new perspective on a project or challenge - Jamie.

For me coworking means a local office rather than travelling to Melbourne. This gives me the flexibility to work around the kids’ commitments and proximity to home - Rachel. 

If you’re sick of working from home and would like to trial coworking at Platypus Coworking book a Day Pass and use the coupon BLOG to come in and trial for free.

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