Why Coworking Works for Parents

School’s back and as parents sigh with relief, thoughts turn to work and how to maximise those precious hours between 9am and 3pm. 

I worked from home for many years before giving coworking a go. I was disciplined. I avoided Netflix and procrasti-laundry. I had a home office and started work at 9am (-ish) once kids had departed for the day. I was efficient and productive - or so I thought.

Then I started coworking and everything changed. I re-discovered the joy of ‘going to work.’ I could mentally ‘clock on’ when I arrived and more importantly ‘clock off’ when I left, freeing my mind to focus on family and household responsibilities at home. 

I relish my walk to work, music playing and a welcome good morning chat with the barista as I grab a coffee on my way to the office. I love the quiet focus of my fellow co-workers. We sit side-by-side, united in our goal to nail every task on the list but still happy for a natter when we wander to the kitchen for lunch or a break.