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Why Coworking

People use Coworking for many different reasons however the outcomes they are looking for have common traits:


  • Professional office space close to home that’s more affordable than finding your own office with much less stress.

  • Great light and airy location in the centre of town without the high cost.

  • Improved Productivity over working from home.

  • Flexible options where you only pay for what you need.

  • Comfortable, safe and secure environment without the maintenance and overheads.

  • Quality, reliable Wifi service included with your space.

  • Covid Safe with regular cleaning and all the check-ins and rules followed.

  • The option (but not obligation) to connect with other people to increase your connections, improve your motivation and energise your workday.

  • Without effort there is always fresh milk for your tea, coffee, or other beverages.

  • No need to clean up your messy or home office or go to a loud café for a meeting.

  • Environmentally friendly by sharing resources and travelling less.


With options for private office space, dedicated desks, day passes, zoom rooms, meeting rooms and breakout spaces you can be sure the right choice is available for you.


People are using Coworking for large business flexible working arrangements, small business professional working spaces they can afford, or just to get away from working from home (and the kids) sometimes and interact with others.


If you aren’t certain Coworking is for you, come for a tour at Platypus Coworking and even try a free day pass to be sure.  


There is a reason Coworking spaces are growing in number and popularity.  If you are keen it is important that you take a look.  2022 is predicted to boom for this type of office space, and there will be limited opportunities while the adjustments to this demand catch up with the supply of spaces.  


Platypus Coworking is well established and has regular clientele who enjoy being here.  


See you soon for a tour. It’s easy, just book at the “Shop” Tab.

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