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Unlock Your Team’s Full Potential & Productivity Using These 10 Powerful Software Tools

In a world full of options and ideas, these are the tools

you need to be more productive.

Technology eases communication and enables collaboration and both are vital when it comes to your growth as an entrepreneur and getting the best out of your team.

Online collaboration tools and software empower employees and team member’s to work together on projects from anywhere in the world.

There are many tools out there and some are great; but what do you need to take your team to the next level?

We rounded up ten of the top tools that you need as an entrepreneur to thrive and be more productive;

Instant Messaging Tools

Slack is powerful, easy to use and has a bundle of features to choose from. Slack is not only one of the most widely used instant messaging and collaboration tools, but it is also safe and integrates with other applications such as Zoom and Google Drive, making your working experience a breeze!

MS Teams is powerful and very versatile as it not only offers instant messaging features but also extends to offer video conferencing, calls and meetings features which are all essential for your team.

Skype is an old-school desktop application that still commands respect and a big portion of entrepreneurs still trust and use it. Millions around the world use it to communicate and enable their teams to move forward as it allows multiple numbers of functions such as sharing documents and holding convenient group calls which are vital for team growth, communication and collaboration.

Project Management and Organisation

Asana is elaborate and powerful, offering a portal that helps you manage remote teams with ease. It exists as a mobile application or can be accessed via the web portal. On Asana. teams or members can be assigned tasks and everyone knows their priorities and deadlines.

This is a must-have for teams that want to effectively maneuver through tasks and projects with ease, speed and precision! effectively lets you assign tasks, create and manage workflows within your team. It has an extremely user-friendly and unique interface.

If you are looking to collaborate and manage projects effectively, then Trello is your answer. Using amazing drag and drop card features, Trello enables you to assign and monitor what your team is doing with amazing effectiveness and ease.

Video Chat and Online Meetings Tools

A new player in the web meetings and collaboration space, Google Meet seamlessly enables you to hold secure real-time meetings with your team at the snap of a finger. Their ease of use is their strong point. Simply by using your phone or browser, you can enter into meetings with your team or share files or presentations. This is great to use with other Google apps such as Gmail and Google Drive.

8. Zoom

Zoom is the most popular online video service that uses cloud-based peer-to-peer technology to power and enables secure teleconferencing amongst remote teams. With amazingly effortless ease of use and a wide array of features, this is the go-to software for your next video meeting!

It’s safe to say that Victoria has given Zoom a great workout over the last 18 months!

Documents Sharing Tools

Through Google documents, Google offers all its users and teams a great way to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms and drawings in real-time.

Although for free users you are limited to 1GB of space, you can always extend and buy additional storage for your team.

Although not a free resource like Google Documents, Zoho Docs is also powerful and very easy to use. Zoho Docs offers you a secure space where you can edit, store and share your documents with your team. Zoho Docs is also very versatile and integrates with other online tools.

What’s next for you and how do you choose?

There’s no doubt that these collaboration tools spark teamwork, inspire growth and improve productivity. But how do you choose from the many that are available in the market? Some of the factors to consider include:

a.) Ease of use - While picking the tool you want to use, try to avoid steep learning curves for your team. Some tools can be complicated by design and offer you, not-so-tech-savvy team members, a problem. Choose what is easy to understand and relatively easy for everyone to use.

b.) Cost - Choose a pocket-friendly software that will not break the bank for your business. Do the research as prices vary considerably.

c.) Rich in features - Pick a tool that has a wide array of features to choose from because you never know what features you might need tomorrow.

Welcome to Platypus coworking space…..

If you are an entrepreneur who wants the best out of your team, knowing what tools to use for your team is vital. Also, of equal importance is getting the right space to execute your work from, and a coworking space such as Platypus could be exactly what you need.

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