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Is Blogging still worth the effort?

Like many things, we started off our blogging with enthusiasm, got excited when someone actually read our blog, and then sat and waited for the sales results to flow through. But it doesn’t quite work like that does it?

As I am sure you know, blogging is a long game. And no matter how many SEO tricks or fancy headings you use, it can feel as though there is a bit of luck involved in the results.

So, is it really worth the effort?

Yes, worthwhile blogs are worthwhile.

The problem is many people are only blogging because they have been told they should, so it has become a chore. You should Blog because you want to add value to people and seek an outcome that helps both of you.

Did you know?

  • There are 89,409 Google searches worldwide per second?

  • These days 46% of people take recommendations from bloggers/vloggers into account?

  • 84% of Companies have a content marketing strategy?

  • On average, companies who blog produce 67% more leads per month?


I am sure you are writing blogs for some of these reasons:

It’s good for your SEO.

Your Business Coach told you to.

You know you have to because that is what marketing is these days.

You need your social media and website to look active.

You want to advertise your business.

But who loves writing blogs? I do, but apparently, I am an outlier.

Ok, who likes having a chat and helping people?

What if your blog was less about “proper” writing and filling a space, and more about sharing ideas, topics or information you care about in a chatty, interesting informative manner? Preparing helpful content should not be a chore.

Think about everything your business offers and why you set it up in the first place. Then think about everyone who can benefit from what you do.

Then think, what if I don’t give people a chance to know about this type of business and they miss out?

Writing a blog should be your way of showing you care about your current or potential customers, and you want to help them to:

  • Make their lives easier or richer

  • Make their job or business more successful

  • Make them more comfortable

  • Share information with them

  • Help them solve a problem they have, especially if they don’t know there is a solution available.

  • Give people the knowledge they need to use your product or service with confidence to make things better.

Just don’t do it in a pushy, salesy way. Do it in a helpful way.

So, what makes a blog worth reading?

Your blog has to be different, and it has to be yours!

The only reason you would look at what others in your business space are doing when they blog is to ensure you don’t do exactly the same thing.

To get some great ideas for blogs, look at your industry, but also at other industries and what they are doing. Focus on things that might interest your target market, not just blogs about your business.

And remember that even though your blog has to be yours, it is not all about you. It’s about your clients and their needs.

Try to put yourself outside of your industry and think about what someone new to your offering might be asking. Don’t assume people know exactly what you do.

Your blog needs to make someone want to keep reading, meet the author, or contact you to continue the conversation or ask a question.

It should usually be able to be read by someone who isn’t specifically looking for your product or service. Or someone who doesn’t know they need your product or service yet.

It shouldn’t be too long or too short. Always go through your blog and take out all the extra words that are there to be frilly and aren’t necessary.

For your blog to be worthwhile, it should be at least some of the following:

  • Different

  • Interesting

  • Niche

  • Helpful

  • Informative

Different & Interesting

You should give information that someone can’t get by Googling the topic. Your opinions and thoughts make a big difference. Find some less common facts or statistics or tell a story that others can relate to.


Each blog should be concentrated to one topic and cover it fully but concisely. If your topic is complicated make these blogs a series rather than writing a single essay.


Your blog target should be able to establish that you understand them and what they are dealing with in their life or business. You want them to become comfortable with you before they even meet you.


You should be breaking down the barriers to someone using your business. You do this by providing information in a readable format, which solves their problems in a helpful but not “salesy” way. You can use storytelling to do this and make your blog readable and interesting and help people to relate.

Target your Blogs

Don’t try to cover every possible target client in each blog. People will read the blogs that interest them and relate to them. You can’t interest everyone with every blog, and if you try you will end up being too safe, too generic and very bland.

People reading your blog need to be confident you know your topic. Use quotes, facts or statistics to help you, but use them sparingly and appropriately. Avoid industry jargon or acronyms.

Think about common questions asked in your business and answer them in your blog. Think about the first time you used the product or service you sell. Break down the barriers and overcome their objections before they even know they have them.

Your opinions and values should be clear so that you attract people with shared values. Be careful but don’t be too safe. Your opinions and values are what makes your blogs unique.

Think about your favourite and ideal clients and write your blogs for someone like them. Like attracts like. Let people know in a subtle manner who is right for your business. You don’t want everyone.


Your aim is to make people understand these things:

  • You have the knowledge to help them because you are an expert in your field, without being an arrogant know-it-all.

  • You share their values and are making them feel comfortable with you, before they even meet you.

  • You are overcoming their objections before they take the next step to engage with you in person.

  • You are overcoming their objections so that they will take the next step in the process of becoming your client or customer.

  • You understand them and the problem they are trying to solve with your product or service.

Final hints

Have a catchy headline that is not too long, not cliché and not clickbait. Make sure you include spacing and some dot points to help with readability. Spell check and read your blog back to yourself out loud. It helps to determine if it flows and reads well.

If possible, have someone else read it and provide feedback. If not possible at least close the blog, walk away for a while and then come back and read it again before you publish.

Always consider your SEO, keywords, target market, hashtags and all that other stuff. Read some blogs about these topics or get advice from an expert.

Post your blog in multiple places with links going back to your website. Share in your newsletter, consider a presentation on your topic, and of course don’t forget your socials. Track your reach so you know what is working and what is falling flat.

Make your blog able to be shared by others so that your reach is wider. This means you can’t flog your product or service, although of course your business can be mentioned.

That is when the Magic starts to happen…

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