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3 Tips To Boost Your Productivity & Help You Get More Done At Work

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Meet the most productive version of yourself with these simple, yet practical tips.

In this pandemic world, where restrictions have forced most of us to work remotely, most people have found it inevitable to find comfortable spaces to work from.

In these relatively unpredictable times, Zoom has become the new-age boardroom - and coworking spaces have become the new offices - with many people escaping the noisy and mostly distracting environments at home.

“Our research — which is ongoing — suggests that the combination of a well-designed work environment and a well-curated work experience are part of the reason people who cowork demonstrate higher levels of thriving than their office-based counterparts.”

Coworking spaces are often viewed as places where you can boost your productivity; there’s serenity, like-minded people, free tea and coffee, newspapers to peruse and more!

But it takes more than just a serene environment to bring out your most productive version and get work done. You’re busy, life is busy and this affects your creativity and productivity, and the immediate culprits are;

  1. Lack of motivation

  2. Procrastination

  3. Fatigue

Whatever is holding you back from being creative and productive, you’re not alone.

Many people struggle with finding that creative spark inside them. Some people have family challenges, personal struggles, or financial challenges and others suffer anxiety, etc.

The good news is that if you’re in a coworking space, or an office and stuck in a mental stupor, staring at the walls and unable to get any work done, these 3 tips will help clear your mind and introduce you to the most productive version of yourself.

Let’s dive right in!

Tip #1 Tackle Work in Small Chunks

Whether it's a piece of meat you are chewing or a stone you want to lift off the ground; smaller pieces are always easier to work with.

This is equally true when you are working.

Think about it; everything, in a 100-storey building, or even the universe, so to speak, is composed of tiny bits of something. It's those small pieces that build up the big picture. In the same voice, you can get a lot done if you start putting those small parts together.

Start in small bits. Divide your chores and tasks into small bits and churn them one by one instead of taking on a big task at once..

According to research by Janet Polivy, our brain fears big projects and often fails to commit to long-term goals because we’re susceptible to “abandoning ship” at the first sign of distress.

Tip #2 - Focus On One Thing at a Time (And Only One Thing at a Time)

Most people want to get it all done in a day.

They want to have ten things all done simultaneously.

The result; failure and disappointment.

By handling many things at a time you are not only bound to suffer from both physical and mental fatigue, but you will also run low on morale. This will result in incomplete work.

You also run the risk of compromising on quality!

The way to work around getting more done is to laser focus on one thing at a time, and even though sometimes it might seem challenging and difficult, it can help you get more done faster.

Ticking a task off your to-do list brings you a sense of achievement and generates more motivation and morale to move on to the next.

If you’re working with a team, the best idea here is to have brief meetings before you start working on anything. During these meetings, you can identify together which tasks you should prioritise. Try and organise yourselves so that there is accountability, and you are able to record and communicate well when tasks or milestones have been completed. This way you will see your achievements and ultimately get more motivation to move forward.

Tip #3 - Handle Simpler Tasks First

This tip is less known, but is extremely effective - and it's another quick and easy method of hacking your productivity by directly pointing your brain in the right direction.

In your list of tasks, whether weekly or daily, you can easily tell which one will take more physical or mental effort. The idea here is to pick the ones which will consume much less time and effort, and take on those first.

Again, as mentioned above, ticking tasks off your list will give you a sense of achievement and generate more morale to even get more done.

To More Productivity, Better Life & Much More!

Life tips are just that -until you do the necessary work and put them into practice.

These tips will help you move on to being more productive and ultimately help you achieve more both at a personal and at a professional level!

We have created a daily and weekly planner to help you boost your productivity, download either or both.

Daily Planner
Download PDF • 15KB
Weekly Planner
Download PDF • 26KB

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