3 Things We Don’t Like When Working From Home

No doubt about it, it’s great to have a sleep in and move to the next room to start your day’s work.

Keeping your comfy trackies on the bottom half while you present well on the top half for the day’s scheduled Zoom calls.  That could be the new definition of bliss!

If you’re a Victorian, you’re living through lockdown 2.0 with level 4 restrictions in the metro area and level 3 in regional areas.

This means most people forced to work back at home again.

Initially, for many it felt great and for some, it removed much stress as people didn’t have to fight peak hour traffic to and from work and paying for parking.

No doubt, working from home has its benefits.

But boy oh boy, does it have its downfalls.

Less body movement as we’re not walking to and from the car or around bigger working spaces or legging it to the local café for our morning caffeine fix.  Hence, the term that has been coined, “COVID kilos”.

The list is big,