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When To Seek A Mentor On Your Business Journey

Would you know what to do if you wanted to take a serious look at your business in order to seek direction to grow and take the next step in your expansion? 

Who would you talk to? Where would you begin?

Maybe you’re new in business and need assistance as to where to go and what to do next?

Maybe you’re growing your business quickly and need to take on an employee or begin to outsource admin tasks?

Or maybe you’ve been hit hard, like so many, by the lockdowns and forced closures of many businesses due to COVID-19 and you’re not sure whether to walk away from your business or hang in there and fight for what may seem like the right to exist as a business?

Again, who would you talk to?  Where would you begin?

Your accountant.  Probably a good idea.

A financial advisor, maybe.

A business consultant or coach? Definitely a great starting point.

You could also seek out the assistance of a mentor.

Whoever you do seek advice from, one thing to keep in mind is, does the person you seek advice from, to have the results that you seek or have they achieved them previously?

For example, if you want your business to start turning over $1million per annum, then it's a wise decision to seek advice from someone  who has done just that.

A path well walked, is a path illuminated, making it easy for you to see and follow the way.

Mentors are a great asset for your business.  You can find mentors locally, who will volunteer their time to assist you in your business and you can also seek out professional mentors who will charge you for their time and expertise.

Great mentors are worth their weight in gold, especially when they have successfully walked the path you want to journey.

It’s like riding on the shoulders of giants.

The view from far up high is unobscured and clear and you can see for miles, whilst being supported by the solid foundations of the giant beneath you.

This is what it’s like to be mentored by an experienced mentor.

These people have been where you are.  They understand where you are and what it’s like.

They know exactly what it feels like to start your first business, to go live with your first website, to make your initial sales, to hit your KPI’s and take on your first employee, and importantly, when to do so.

They are also familiar with the traps, challenges and tribulations that are in front of you to how to avoid them or deal with them and this is crucial on your journey to business success.

With the country now officially in a recession, and much talk about entering a depression, now could be an opportune time to seek some solid guidance.

So if you’re feeling stuck, are in a rut, and you’re not sure which direction to turn to and you think you could really do with some confidential assistance and guidance, then maybe it’s the right time for you to seek the ear of a professional mentor.

Some suggestions for where to start looking for a mentor or business coach

Small Business Mentoring Service might good be a good place to start. Otherwise talk to other business friends or clients and see what they do or how they got their mentor.

Locally in Ballarat some suggestions would be:

Nicole Ashby - High Profit-Media

Commerce Ballarat - as a member they have an annual mentoring program you can apply for.

Some other sites to investigate

Behind The Brands - For Business Women

Rare Birds - For Business Women

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