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What Does Return To Work Look Like For Ballarat in 2021?

The new year has begun and we have finally been able to close the year that was 2020.

The question on many people’s minds is, what does 2021 look like in terms of the work environment and the workplace?

One thing is for certain for many, the workplace of 2021 is going to be very different to 2019.

There’ll be less commuting to Melbourne for local Ballarat workers as flexible working options are negotiated and as many people breathe a sigh of relief. Hours spent each day on the train can be swapped for working at home or in a local office.

Could the days of the daily commute to Melbourne be over for many Ballarat locals?

What will 2021 look like for you?

We’ve heard of local businesses that won’t have staff return to the office at all in 2021 if they can work from home. Some people love the idea of this and others are very disappointed by it.

At Platypus Coworking, we’ve certainly seen an increase in people seeking office space, virtual offices and causal desks to work from as people ponder what the work environment of 2021 means for them.

We’ve had enquiries from people who now only have to commute to Melbourne one or two days a week and they’re not too keen on working the rest of the week from home for a variety of numbers which can include;

  1. Not having the most effective space to work from at home set up

  2. Being extroverted in nature and needing to be around other people

  3. Being distracted when working from home (the dishes need to be done, the washing needs to be hung out, the dog and cat need a cuddle)

  4. The increased levels of procrastination as there are so many wonderful things at home to feed the hunger of procrastination (What’s on TV? What’s in the cupboard or fridge to eat? What if I read my new book for just 30 thing, two hours have flown by and your work has sat stagnant and untouched).

Flexibility is the buzz word for 2021 and that’s the essence of what we offer!

Listening to employee’s and what’s important to them is crucial as some will be happy working from home and others will need more structure, routine and physical interaction with people.

Some workers will benefit from being in a coworking space and others will be fine working from home and now is the time to start planning for 2021 and to provide some certainty for peace of mind.

Coworking spaces also offer great peace of mind for employers knowing that their employee’s are maintaining the routine of starting and finishing work on time, presenting for work and being in a normal office environment.

That’s the benefit of utilising a coworking space!

We want people to know that you don’t have to work from home if it’s not the best option for you. The isolation and loneliness that some people experience when working from home need not exist a day longer.

There’s also some great research that points out some of the challenges of working from home for long periods of time;

  • Communication challenges

  • Zoom fatigue (yes it is real and those of us in VIC are all too familiar with it)

  • Decreased employee morale

  • Poor health habits such as sleeping in, staying up late to work and exercising less due to lack of motivation and not having the need to walk from the car park to the office, popping out to grab something for lunch or taking flights of stairs. All of that comes to a halt!

An added bonus for the wider Ballarat economy is that if more workers stay in Ballarat to work instead of taking the daily commute to Melbourne, then they are more inclined to spend their money in Ballarat. For example, buying coffees and lunches from local Ballarat businesses. That’s always a good thing.

If you’re yet to come in and check out the beautiful, modern light-filled workspace that is Platypus Coworking, we invite you to come in and have a look. Bring your laptop and come and stay for a few hours of work and experience just how good it is to have a dedicated workspace to use.

Book in for you free trial day by getting a free Day Pass with the code: BLOG

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