What Are The Fundamentals Of Effective Copywriting?

Copywriting is an essential skill that all business owners and marketers should take the time to learn and apply.

This month our Platypus Lunch'N'Learn session saw Nicole Ashby of High-Profit Media, a local Ballarat business, share some of her copywriting insights and how you can begin to use effective copywriting in your business.

One of the first things with copywriting is you need to understand is a bit about the brain.

The higher brain is always at the mercy of the original brain (the mammalian brain). The original brain is only interested in what’s of benefit to it and it can’t rationalise, but it does make yes and no decisions.

It’s also the most important part of the brain that you must first engage when writing copy.

Your job is to offer up something of interest, curiosity or intrigue to the original brain