Psychology’s Tips for Business Success in 2020

It’s been a crazy start to 2020. The bushfires blasting through eastern Victoria, southern NSW, Kangaroo Island and South Australia have sidelined new year goal setting for most of us. Who can focus on the future when the needs of the present are so all-consuming?

As the days pass and we return to work and routine it’s natural for our minds to return to goals and projects for the coming year. We know that New Year’s Resolutions fail They’re not the path to success if you’ve got big plans for 2020 for business or personal transformation. So what does work? What does the science say?

Here are 5 steps for business success in 2020, according to the psychological research.

1. Audit Your Successes in 2019

Your first step to prepare for a successful 2020 is to look back at what you achieved in 2019. Why? Because our ability to think broadly, creatively and enthusiastically about the future is enhanced when we're in a positive frame of mind. In psychology this is called 'The Broaden and Build Effect'.

What better way to find inspiration for the future than to reflect on your successes? Take a few minutes to makes notes on your big wins in 2020.