Tips for adjusting to the new normal

With COVID-19 restrictions lifting it’s possible to return to a more normal life of work and social activities, but while most of us have looked forward to this, adjusting to a new normal will take time. Here are some tips for settling into the next phase.

Respect the process

It takes time to adjust to any new circumstances, even those we’ve looked forward to. This adjustment is a process and it will look and feel different to each of us. It’s not linear or well-defined and not ‘one size fits all.’ It can be uncomfortable and even anxiety provoking. That’s normal.

Stay patient and adaptable

Be respectful of where you are in the process and be kind to yourself. Don’t rush. Take one day at a time and be willing to adapt your plans, goals or expectations to match your feelings and what’s manageable each day. Life is not yet where it was before COVID - it may never be - so we can’t expect the same behaviour and performance of ourselves or others.