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The Impact of WFH on Our Sense of Community

The pandemic has changed the way we work, with many of us being forced or choosing to work from home (WFH). Whilst there are many great things about WFH (working in our pjs comes to mind), this sudden shift to WFH has disrupted our sense of community. Connecting with co-workers and customers used to be something that was part of our daily routine. Without these regular interactions, our sense of community has been compromised, leaving some of us feeling increasingly isolated and out of touch with our social environment.

For many of us, community means having a space where we can be productive, surrounded by people who understand and value our work. It’s about being able to make meaningful connections, share ideas and collaborate on projects with like-minded people. A strong sense of community helps keep us motivated and inspires us to strive to reach our goals.

The longer we WFH, the less connected we feel. That’s why it's even more important to have a community of people to turn to for support and advice. If, for whatever reason, going back to the office isn’t for you, why not try coworking.

Coworking spaces provide the perfect balance between WFH and a traditional office environment. We provide an opportunity to come together in a shared spaced and interact with people from different backgrounds and perspectives. We love that this allows us to challenge our own ideas, develop new relationships, collaborate on projects, and create meaningful connections that can help us build that stronger network of support.

Research has shown that Coworking environments provide more than just a physical workspace. A study conducted by Harvard Business School revealed that almost half of the participants felt “more like family” in their coworking spaces compared to traditional offices. This kind of close-knit environment can be incredibly beneficial for anyone who is struggling with the sense of isolation that comes from WFH.

Despite the advantages that Coworking brings, it’s not always easy to make the transition from WFH back into a shared space. Many people find that they can become overwhelmed and lonely when trying to establish a sense of community outside of their own homes.

The good thing about Coworking is that we’ve either experienced it ourselves or someone in our group has. With a range of workspaces, availability, and connection options, we can adjust your reintegration into the office in the way that best suits you. Plus, we’re super friendly and discovering your new local coffee shop will make it all worthwhile!

Ultimately, Coworking spaces provide an opportunity for social interaction, which we know is an all-important part of forming meaningful relationships and building a strong community. Not only do these spaces offer us the chance to interact with those around us while still getting work done – it also gives us a chance to feel like we’re part of something bigger. And who doesn’t want that!

Come and try coworking yourself book a try us free trial day.

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