The Advantages of Moving your business out of Home

Updated: Jun 29

Working from home sounds like a dream come true. And for many it is. The reality of working from home can often be fraught with many obstacles. Many of these can get in the way of your productivity. Suddenly the advantages of moving your business out of home outweigh the positives of working from home.

Working from home is distracting

At home there is a long list of things that will happily distract you from the work that you should be doing; and if you are a procrastinator, you will be more than happy to have these distractions in your working day. Whether its the washing machine kindly letting you know that another load is ready to be hung out, the pantry which you endlessly stare at, or even the latest Netflix series that you have to finish - Without a doubt, there is always an interruption waiting to happen.

Particularly when you have a looming deadline, you cannot afford to be distracted by household chores or a bed which is still warm. If you have tried various method to eliminate distractions, without achieving much success then its time to consider working from a hot-desk or a coworking space.

A dedicated space away from looming distractions will not only improve yo