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The Advantages of Moving your business out of Home

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Working from home sounds like a dream come true. And for many it is. The reality of working from home can often be fraught with many obstacles. Many of these can get in the way of your productivity. Suddenly the advantages of moving your business out of home outweigh the positives of working from home.

Working from home is distracting

At home there is a long list of things that will happily distract you from the work that you should be doing; and if you are a procrastinator, you will be more than happy to have these distractions in your working day. Whether its the washing machine kindly letting you know that another load is ready to be hung out, the pantry which you endlessly stare at, or even the latest Netflix series that you have to finish - Without a doubt, there is always an interruption waiting to happen.

Particularly when you have a looming deadline, you cannot afford to be distracted by household chores or a bed which is still warm. If you have tried various method to eliminate distractions, without achieving much success then its time to consider working from a hot-desk or a coworking space.

A dedicated space away from looming distractions will not only improve your focus but also enhance your productivity.

Move your business out of home for higher productivity

While working from home gives you many freedoms that an office doesn't, staying motivated can be challenging. Putting aside distractions, many people find working from home leads to a lack of accountability and limited daily interactions which result in a motivational slump.

Motivation is the secret ingredient to achieving business success. Whether you are a freelancer, an accountant, creative or a small business owner your motivation needs positive inspiration to meet deadlines, customer expectations or grow your business.

Motivation can come in the form of having a regular schedule, accountability and getting dressed to leave the home. In fact simply getting dressed, in clothes other than slouchy tracksuit pants will help get you into the mindset for a productive day. By moving your work out of the home, you will find your motivation increases as you are forced to develop a regular working schedule.

Did you know that motivation is contagious? Even if it's only for a couple of days per week, being surrounded by the bustle of other self-employed individuals in a coworking space will give you the productivity boost you need.

Grow your professional circle.

We all know the benefits of networking, and yet it is one of our most loathed activities. The idea that we have to continually self-promote ourselves is something Australians are terrible at. Perhaps it is the sheer effort and time of it all.

Moving your business from home to a coworking environment will allow you to easily and organically grow your professional network. You'll find a diverse mix of professionals working alongside you from graphic designers, marketing professionals, architects and also freelance photographers. This environment leads to endless possibilities of collaboration, learning and growth, something you cannot put a price on.

Think of a coworking space as networking without all the effort. Meeting people and learning from their knowledge without the awkward stress of business networking. While you do not need to speak with your coworkers, generally people find a common interest that makes it a benefit for you professional and possibly even socially.

Working from home is lonely

Working from home can be quite isolating and lonely. You may find that long stretches of time will pass without actually talking to another person face to face. It is interesting that many blogs nowadays write about how great it is to work from home, the reality is humans are social creatures. Face to face communication regardless of how limited is an integral part of our life. While some people love working from home, they too many can end up feeling isolated and lonely.

Even if you aren't an overly social person, this loneliness has the potential to put you in a negative headspace. If you find yourself suffering from the effects of isolation, then you need to ensure regular contact with another human. This does not mean opening up messenger.

One way to get this contact is to consider leasing space to work. Renting a desk or even an office in a collaborative area gives you opportunities to talk to another person.

Platypus Coworking in Ballarat allows you the freedom if you so wish to work in a space which is mentally stimulating and rewarding. A positive, refreshing environment to work in. You can choose from a private office or a dedicated desk to an open plan co-working space. Even if you choose not to socialise with others in the hub, just being around other people can make all the difference between feeling lonely to feeling connected. There are even Tea and Coffee amenities where you could meet new and exciting like-minded people over a casual cuppa. All costs are inclusive.

Quick Fact = Did you know that merely smiling and saying hello to someone will stimulate a positive feedback loop to our brain?

Office Space ready to use

When a small business reaches the point of requiring a more effective workspace, other than the dining table, it should be time to celebrate. And then what do you do, where do you turn to for a more professional work area without leasing out an entire office? After all, you are the sole employee of your business.

Platypus Coworking Space in Ballarat gives you an office space ready to use. Everything for the mobile office is at your fingertips. Powerpoints where you need them. Super fast wifi broadband. Air-conditioned comfort. Platypus offers you a modern, clean, inspirational work environment. And let's not forget the all-important tea and coffee making facilities. What's more, these facilities are all included in the cost. There's nothing to worry about just connect and get to work.

Choose co-working options for your current needs. Coworking spaces allow you to grow and also to minimise your workspace easily. Need the use of a meeting room for an hour? easily sorted.

Considering leasing a desk or office space? Why not book a tour of Platypus Coworking Ballarat to find the best solution for your office needs.

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