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Resolutions to Actions – one little thing can help

Even if you are not one of the people who makes formal, lofty, ambitious (and sometimes unachievable) goals to mark a New Year, your head is probably at least a little bit programmed to think of something you want to achieve.

And with all of the changes in the world the last couple of years, it would be unusual if you haven’t thought of something you want to do that is possibly new to you.

Well, in the words of a Financial Adviser I know who says it’s time to stop Financial Planning and time to start Financial Doing, I would remind you that we are already a fair way through January. So, it’s time to take those thoughts from the front (or back) of your mind and turn resolutions into actions.

According to Tracey Bower in Forbes Magazine ( the most popular resolutions are about self-improvement. Living healthier, getting happy, losing weight, exercising, and reducing drinking are right up there. However, in addition people resolve to meet career or job goals and improve their relationships.

Well, staying home more and working at home has been proven for many to contribute to weight gain, feelings of isolation and loneliness, lack of motivation, increases in alcohol consumption, and all-around unhappiness. Sounds like COVID safe regulations are not helping with our goal achievements unfortunately.

And whilst I praise the person who decided that alcohol retailers were an essential service, there is no doubt that lockdowns and being at home so much is not great for the health of a lot of people.

We do hear about those few who set up home gyms and then actually used them. However they seem to be the pink unicorns of the lockdown world. We believe they may exist, but we haven’t seen one ourselves in real life.

So now that we are moving forward, and many people’s employers don’t even have an office to go to anymore, do you have to keep working from home?

What about if you run your own business and used to go out regularly to work from a café, or to a Networking meeting, or worked with a like-minded friend sometimes?

Is it time to find another option?

Before the current wave many people were starting to think of going back to their offices or looking for new spaces if they let one go. But how long until the next restrictions hit? What is the risk of leasing an office space and possibly not being able to use it for extended periods? Can you trust the political promises?

Coworking spaces are absolutely booming now. They were coming into favour before the Pandemic, and now they are the hit of the professional office space world. Flexible, affordable, clean, friendly, social, convenient. There are always clean dishes and fresh milk, and there is air conditioning, no kids and good supplies of toilet paper!

The risks are so much lower for you if you aren’t confident that you want to pay for your own office space with the bond, the years of commitment, and the ongoing costs. And there are options for everyone with casual, short term, long term, permanent or individual office space, not to mention meeting rooms and networking options.

But best of all, coworking has been shown to assist with productivity, motivation, accountability and happiness. Face it, if you have to shower, put your real clothes on, leave the house, get some fresh air, and communicate with other humans you are more likely to feel better right?

There is also a lot more movement doing this than going from the bedroom to your desk in the loungeroom. What about gym after work - how often did that happen when your home was your office? Your leggings and t-shirts might feel neglected, but your goals will feel incredibly valued and as though you really care about them!

Career goals and personal goals are more likely to be met if you use Coworking spaces to work. And I am sure there are some people who will achieve that “improving relationships” goal if they don’t have to work from home with their spouse and children.

Still not convinced?

I have discovered leggings and trackies have about a 2 year lifespan. The end is near for these saggy, holey denizens of zoom meeting comfort. Jeans and work pants last much longer. But they are also a lotmore honest about the lockdown kilos.

According to a University Study, only 8% of people will achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. Accountability and Goals go hand in hand. Move your Resolutions to Actions and give yourself the best chance of achieving some goals this year.

How good will that make you feel?

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