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Do Platypuses Cowork ?

“The Platypus is amongst nature’s most unlikely animals. In fact the first scientists to examine a specimen believed they were the victims of a hoax.
The animal is best described as a hodgepodge of more familiar species: the duck (bill and webbed feet), beaver (tail), and otter (body and fur).”

Source – National Geographic –

Years ago, if you had told people you could go into a large, light and airy, professional office space that you get to use as you wish and pay as per your chosen use they would have laughed at you.

Explain that you don’t need to clean it yourself, maintain it yourself, or necessarily pay for all the days you don’t need it and this years ago person would laugh harder.

Then you tell them it is in the busy part of town - not the yucky part, with great Wi-Fi and numerous small and large businesses of all types doing this thing. It is heated and cooled, there are great meeting spaces and tea and coffee available. Numerous options for working spaces, break out and zoom spaces and great people to meet, and so flexible.

Perhaps don’t mention that you can be here virtually, have a professional office space and address, but still work from home if you wish, or the old-timer’s head might just explode.

Sounds a bit like a platypus – an unlikely hodgepodge that just works!

Office space used to be expensive, and you would be locked into years of complex leases in order to have a professional space away from the kids. How things have changed.

I’m not sure who first came up with the idea of professional coworking hubs. However the flexibility, unique attributes and piecing together of multiple unlikely pieces to make a whole were the inspiration behind the name for Platypus Coworking.

Platypuses have to be environmentally aware since their life depends on it. This thought has also been carried into Platypus Coworking. Coworking is naturally environmentally friendly, with shared resources being used. However Samantha also uses environmentally and socially conscious products in order to be true to the Platypuses she loves so much.

After surviving 2020 and 2021 people now know that having flexible working arrangements is the way forward. However the novelty of working from home most of the time is wearing thin for many.

After having experienced working from home, 57% of employees now want an office closer to home moving forward. 77% of those surveyed even said that a conveniently located office is a must for their next job.

Add this to other reported benefits such as increased productivity, collaboration and networking, improved health and wellbeing and even improved happiness, and you would have to consider trying this type of unlikely hodgepodge working space that helps so many people.

And if you want to come and check out your options, don’t forget to count all the platypuses that live at Platypus Coworking in Ballarat. Like their watery counterparts, they are not always obvious, but they are definitely there.

So do Platypuses Cowork? They pretty much are the epitome of being a Coworker, don’t you think?

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