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Debunking The Top Five Myths About Coworking Spaces

Stripping the half-truths about coworking spaces

You’re interested in trailing a coworking space like Platypus, but you’re not quite convinced that if it’s right for you. So, let’s dive into some of the myths around coworking spaces and see if we encourage you to come in give a coworking space such as Platypus a trial.

Myth # 1 - Coworking Spaces Are A Reserve for “Techies”

It’s true, everyone who works in a coworking space generally brings their devices and tech with them. Whilst this may give the impression that people are working on tech, largely they’re not, though this may be the impression that you receive.

Coworking spaces are inclusive of everyone and every business, not only the techies.

Myth # 2 - Coworking Spaces Are For Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners Only

While there are many self-employed individuals who have the freedom to work from anywhere, companies nowadays allow their staff to work from different locations as long as they deliver results and maintain productivity.

In recent years, there has been a rise in companies renting coworking spaces for their staff, so that they can work in a workplace with other people and not have to work from the confines of home.

This has certainly increased as COVID-19 restrictions have been implemented as some office spaces can’t have as many people in their office as they once did.

Here at Platypus, we have accountants, social media experts, web designers and a few NFP (not-for-profit) businesses, and more, that all call Platypus home for their daily working space. Some people are employees and others, business owners. One thing is for sure, you’ll always find a mix of people in differing roles at coworking spaces.

Myth # 3 – Coworking Spaces Are Expensive

While cost can be a major factor for anyone in business, this myth about coworking spaces is a misconstrued perception generally propagated by those who are yet to try a coworking space and experience the benefits.

As much as coworking spaces may look spacious and professional, most are very affordable or sufficiently priced to accommodate almost anyone.

To cater for a diverse range of individuals and businesses, coworking spaces devise different payment plans. Before assuming that you can’t afford a coworking space, make the move to enquire. Go and have a look.

Here at Platypus, we offer free day pass trials, and we invite you to come and work in our space for a day.

You may be pleasantly surprised at just how productive and comfortable you will be.

Myth # 4 – Coworking Spaces Are For Social People & Extroverts

The traditional way of looking at coworking spaces is that they’re places for small teams to meet to discuss ideas and for startups to grow. While this was true when the concept was getting off the ground many years ago, it is no longer a reality.

Coworking spaces have morphed into comfortable and professional areas that can include secluded and quiet areas for meetings and calls as well as community and open or shared areas, where not only teams thrive, but individuals too.

Myth #5 – Coworking Spaces Are For Those Living in Big Cities

In big cities all over the world, coworking spaces exist to allow startups to access space to grow.

In smaller cities like Ballarat, coworking spaces are perceived as sanctuaries of creativity and places of community and connection, where you can perform your work in a comfortable and optimised environment without the distractions of working from home.

They can literally be hidden gems!

Take the time to look around and find a coworking space as there are numerous of them waiting for you to explore.

The next step if you’re looking for a coworking space in Ballarat...

If you are looking for a coworking space where you can be productive and focused without distractions, we’re ready to be your host at the Platypus.

Ready to pay us a visit? Come in and get a day pass on us (use coupon code BLOG)

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