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3 Simple Tips for Staying Productive in a Cold Ballarat Winter

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

It’s early but it’s here.

Winter announced its arrival in Ballarat in recent weeks with an icy burst and our coldest May day in 19 years. Our top temp hit just 5.7 degrees.

The snow was fun but how do we stay buoyant, busy and productive now that the winter chill is here?

1. The Exercise Effect. It’s tempting to ditch the daily walk and linger longer under the doona but studies show that exercise makes your brain work better and that will keep you firing through winter. Aerobic exercise and improved fitness boosts memory and concentration and a short walk is enough to enhance your creativity and problem solving skills. Sure the cold weather makes a lap of the lake less appealing but our yoga and pilates studios, fitness centres and the Ballarat Aquatic Centre are toasty warm. Even a swift daily walk to get your coffee will boost your mood and your motivation.

2. Stay Social. Humans crave connection but the cold weather cloisters us away. Resist the temptation to stay tucked up at home if you want to keep happy and well and get more done. Networking and connecting, in fact any interaction with others, reminds us that we’re part of something bigger, helps us to keep perspective on challenges and troubles and boosts our emotional and physical health. This all translates into better work performance. Make use of Ballarat’s coworking spaces or book lunch and coffee meetings in our cafes. You might even try a walking meeting.

3. Hobby Up. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and the short, cold winter days give us an excuse to stay hunkered at the desk rather than dabble in our happiness-inducing hobbies. Hobbies are the unsung heroes of health and performance. They are linked to better brain health, longer life, happiness and less stress. They also keep us interesting by giving us something fun - or maybe obscure - to talk about. Whether it’s woodworking, guitar, gardening, crochet, baking or just tinkering in the shed, hobbies have a positive flow on effect to the rest of our lives. If you can book an hour a day or a few hours a week for something that inspires and enlivens you, don’t be surprised if some of that zest carries over into your work and family life.

At Platypus we can help you stay social by working from here 1 day or more, come in and try us out with a free trial (for all new users) book a Day Pass and use the code FREE to book in.

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