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3 Great Reads to Boost Your Productivity and Performance

Planning some summer reading? Get ready for success in 2020 with the latest productivity,  performance and progress tips and tricks from the experts. 

Book cover photo of When by Daniel H Pink

Everyone knows that timing is everything, but we don’t know much about timing itself. Our lives are a never-ending stream of ‘when’ decisions: when to start a business, schedule a class, get serious about a person. Yet we make those decisions based on intuition and guesswork.

Timing, it’s often assumed, is an art. In When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, Dan Pink demonstrates that timing is really a science


  • How we can use the hidden patterns of the day to build the ideal schedule 

  • Why certain breaks dramatically improve student test scores 

  • How we can turn a stumbling beginning into a fresh start 

  • Why we should avoid going to the hospital in the afternoon 

  • Why singing in time with other people is as good for you as exercise 

  • And the ideal time to quit a job, switch careers or get married

Front cover of the book - Atomic Habits by James Clear.

In this ground-breaking book, James Clear reveals exactly how minuscule changes can grow into life-altering outcomes. He uncovers a handful of simple life hacks (the forgotten art of Habit Stacking, the unexpected power of the Two Minute Rule, or the trick to entering the Goldilocks Zone), and delves into cutting-edge psychology and neuroscience to explain why they matter. Along the way, he tells inspiring stories of Olympic gold medalists, leading CEOs, and distinguished scientists who have used the science of tiny habits to stay productive, motivated, and happy.


  • How to transform your life with tiny changes in behaviour - starting now.

  • Why real change comes not from big decisions but from the compound effect of hundreds of small decisions - doing two push-ups a day, waking up five minutes early, or holding a single short phone call.

  • How your habits shape your identity (and vice versa)

  • Why motivation is overrated

  • The secret to self-control

Listen to James Clear talk about How to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones. 

Image of the front cover of the book, the happiness track by Emma Seppala

We’ve heard about the fast track and the success track but should it come at the cost of our happiness and personal expense?

Drawing on the latest research into resilience, willpower, growth mindset, stress, creativity, compassion, mindfulness, gratitude training and optimism, Seppala shows how nurturing ourselves is the most productive thing we can do to thrive professionally and personally. 

This book is filled with practical advice on how to apply the findings from the science of happiness your daily life, fuelling success and reducing anxiety.


  • How our beliefs about success are counterproductive and detrimental to our wellbeing

  • Why happiness and success are found in the present, not in the future

  • How to get more done by doing more of nothing

  • The hidden benefits of calm.

  • How to thrive in your chosen profession, but stay true to yourself -and enjoy every moment of the process

You can hear Seppala introduce the concepts of the book in this short audio clip.

Ready to get reading? Why not drop into a local bookstore:

Or visit the Platypus Coworking library. We have a growing collection of biographies, self-development, business and Ballarat-based books available to stimulate your mind.

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