2019 is disappearing fast! 2 Simple Steps to Nail Your Goals in the Time That's Left

Did you start 2019 with a list of goals? 

Not New Year’s Resolutions - just a well written list of achievements planned for the year. Maybe a creative project? Increasing your client base? Or finding a better balance between work and home? 

2019 is getting away from us but don’t despair. Now is the perfect time to check on the progress you’ve made, reset and refocus.

Why review your goals now?

Because it prompts us to re-focus and re-calibrate.

Because distractions creep in and threaten to derail us from our goals and this is a chance to get back on track

Because our priorities and motivations change over time. Are your goals are still relevant and aligned with the direction you want life or work to take. 

Here’s a simple two-step process to review, reset and nail your goals in what remains of 2019.

Step One: Ask yourself the following questions - and make a note of your responses.

1. What successes have I had?