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2019 is disappearing fast! 2 Simple Steps to Nail Your Goals in the Time That's Left

Did you start 2019 with a list of goals? 

Not New Year’s Resolutions - just a well written list of achievements planned for the year. Maybe a creative project? Increasing your client base? Or finding a better balance between work and home? 

2019 is getting away from us but don’t despair. Now is the perfect time to check on the progress you’ve made, reset and refocus.

Why review your goals now?

Because it prompts us to re-focus and re-calibrate.

Because distractions creep in and threaten to derail us from our goals and this is a chance to get back on track

Because our priorities and motivations change over time. Are your goals are still relevant and aligned with the direction you want life or work to take. 

Here’s a simple two-step process to review, reset and nail your goals in what remains of 2019.

Step One: Ask yourself the following questions - and make a note of your responses.

1. What successes have I had?

What goals have I achieved already this year? What am I most proud of accomplishing? What were my unexpected wins?

2. What connections have I made or strengthened?

What new relationships have I developed? Which of my existing relationships have I strengthened? What good things or successes have come from my connections in the past six months?

3. What have I learned?

What opportunities have I taken to learn new skills or develop my knowledge? What are the things I’ve learned most about myself this year? What have I learned most about my business or work?

4. What challenges have I faced?

Could they have been avoided? How will I change my approach next time?

5. How well have I managed my energy and focus?

Have I been focusing on the most important things for me? What distractions have I had? Do I need to avoid them looking forward? And if so, how? When have I been most focused and productive? What does this tell me?

Step 2: Plan for success. Use these questions to refocus and re-energise.

1. What are my top three goals for the remainder of the year?

Why are these goals important to me? What new habits or processes do I need to adopt to support these goals?

2. How will I hold myself accountable?

With whom do I need to share these goals? How will I track my progress?

3. Which relationships or connections will I focus on strengthening and developing over the remainder of the year?

Who do I want to meet and get to know? Why? Who can best help me to achieve my goals?

4. What do I need to learn?

What new skills should I develop? What skills do I need to strengthen? What things do I need to "keep current" on? What one skill, if mastered, would have the greatest impact on the achievement of my goals?

It doesn’t matter if you’re on target to meet your goals or you still have a long way to go. What matters is that you’re self aware and taking action. Celebrate your progress, not just your success, and keep going. You’ve still got 20 weeks until 2020!

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